Sight Seeing

How to go to Comilla:

There are several bus services available from Saydabad Bus Stand. Tisha and the Asia Line are the best available service for Comilla. It will cost around 250-400 Taka per head. Also you can take any luxury bus of Chittagong and can leave at Comilla. A Train service is available from Dhaka too. I don’t know information much about that train from Dhaka.

Shalban Bihar & Maynamati Museum

Shalban Bihar is the most visited tourist spot from Comilla district. Even this archaeological site is one of the most popular destinations from Bangladesh (in terms of archaeology). It is a ground plan of a Buddhist monastery (measuring 550′ x 500′) with 115 monastic cells.

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Maynamati war cemetery

Bangladesh has two cemeteries of World War II. One is at Chittagong, and another one is at Comilla. Both of these are monitored and governed by the Commonwealth Grave Commission. This cemetery is also known as Comilla war cemetery.

Distance from Magic Paradise: 13.00 Kilo

Itakhola Mura

Itakhola Mura is another small and less known archaeological site from Comilla. This is on the other side of the road (from Rupban Mura). This is located just beside the Comilla cantonment.

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Rosh Malai of Matri Bhandar

Comilla is famous for Rosh malai. If you visit this district then it is a must for you to bring some Rosh malai from there for your family members. Read this article to know how to buy the best Rosh Malai from Comilla.

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Chondi mura temple

Chondi mura temple is located at the top of a hillock and you have to climb up using the stairs. Being on the other side of the Comilla district  doesn’t attract not many tourists. But this colorful temple is the nice one and should be on someone’s bucket list.

Distance from Magic Paradise: 17.00 Kilo

Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD)

BARD stands for Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development. This uses to work with the poor people all around. This institute is a nice place for spending a few hours.

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Rupban Mura

Rupban Mura is a small archeological site from Comilla. This is just beside the BARD at Kotbari, Comilla. Most of the people visit the BARD but miss the opportunity to observe the beauty of Rupban Mura for lack of knowledge.

Distance from Magic Paradise: 04.00 Kilo